About Us

Food Dole is an online food ordering and delivery system that connects people and restaurant that makes it easy for people to browse and order food online and helps restaurant to connect with huge number of online customers and aids increase in sales. Food Dole will allow you to manage your menu items, expose your business to organic audiences via search engines, leverage digital advertising to boost lead generation, and deploy content marketing to build brand awareness and authority. This will lead to increased sales in your business and establish your products in the market.

Food Dole is uniquely qualified to operate the online delivery system due to our in-house team of experienced restaurant/food personals, amazing tech developers, copy writers and our experience working Social Media Marketing. Food Dole will collaborate with your business to give you and your products a great online exposure using our website, app, facebook page, Instagram and other online means. Food dole will allow you to list and market your products huge online audience help increase in your sales. Our System will allow you to do the following once your website is launched.